St. John’s Baptist Church

What’s Going On

As we begin this month, thank the team that leads our Black History Month events. While the events were educational for many, they were fun for all. Thank you to Michael West and all that made these events possible.

The church admin (Sister Lisa Ince) is still physically going to the church weekly and answering all emails, telephone, and postal mail requests. Please feel free to inquire about any situation you may have concerning SJBC, and please feel free to email or leave a message on the church telephone at 781-935-4314.

Regular Upcoming Events

Sunday – Sunday School @ 10:00 am – (In-person & virtual)

Sunday – Worship Service @ 11:00 am – (In-Person & Virtual)

Tuesday – Prayer/Share – Virtual Only

Friday – All Bible Studies – Virtual only (Men 1st and 2nd Fridays; Women- 2nd and 4th Friday)

Special Upcoming Events

Food for Thought

As you wake up 

each day, remember 

you are created to 

succeed, designed to win, 

equipped to overcome,

anointed to prosper and 

blessed to become a Blessing!!

Black History Every Month

Did you know:

March 19, 1872 T J Boyd, inventor awarded a patent for an apparatus for detaching horses from carriages
March 25, 1931The Scottsboro Boys, nine young African Americans, were falsely charged with rape and collectively served more than 100 years in prison. The right of African Americans to serve on juries was established by their case.
March 17, 1946 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson made his professional debut as a member of the Montreal Royals in the Daytona Beach ballpark One year later, Robinson would break Major League and earn the inaugural Rookie of the Year Award as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to…


Morgan Sessoms


Michael D West & Tony Coston


Emily Grey


Toni Walker Yea!!!!