SJBC Staff


Pastor/Department of Ministry

  • Provides leadership and vision for the church.
  • Develops and fine-tunes the church structure based on Team Ministry and supervision of staff.
  • Prepares the church for ministry in the 21st Century.
  • Motivates, equips and nurtures the people of the church through example, preaching and teaching of God’s Word and spiritual counseling.
  • Develops and recommend strategies for growth in the church ministries.
  • Participates in evangelism efforts by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost and bringing the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to lost sinners.
  • Performs communion, baptism and other duties of an ordained minister.


  • Assists the Pastor in the conduct of the church’s mission.
  • Cares for the church membership.
  • Assists the pastor in conflict resolution.
  • Models spiritual behavior and assist in the teaching ministry of the church.
  • Provides spiritual leadership in the church’s ministry.
  • Assist s in the administration of ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism and in any and all functions in the Church in cooperation with the Pastor.
  • Visits the sick and shut-in.
  • Assists in the care of the Pastor and his family.


  • Manages the real estate and all property held in the name of the church, and is charged with its preservation, improvement, security and protection.
  • Supervises the operating expenses of the church in accordance to the annual budget and maintain all the necessary insurances needed for the church.

Christian Education

The Department of Christian Education serves as an agency to promote educational seminars, series, topics, and other growth opportunities for the entire church membership in order to better prepare it for service. 


  • custody and safe keeping for all finances of the church
  • receive all monies from all sources and recording the same
  • make payments and/or disbursement of monies
  • keep a separate account with each contributor, and furnish statements
  • consists of  Department Chairperson, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer,
    Financial Secretary, and the Assistant Financial Secretary

Missions and Evangelism

The purpose of the Department of Missions is to reach the lost for Christ.
This includes involvement in and support of local and foreign missions by aiding mission projects, churches, communities and individuals, such as Tsunami and Hurricane Relief, plus numerous other local and foreign projects. 

Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations seeks to provide opportunities of evangelism through creating a greater awareness of St. John’s sponsored events among St. John’s members, the city of Woburn, our sister churches and the general community.  In doing so, the Department of Public Relations utilizes various forms of media for publicity purposes, such as newspapers, radio, TV, videos, tapes, brochures, manuals, letters, etc.  Many of the church’s traditional celebrations and special events are supported by the Department of Public Relations


The Department of Music seeks to serve through the ministry of music.  Choirs and musicians comprise the department, which provides opportunities for growth through the offering of music classes, workshops, retreats and rehearsals.

Weekly Schedule

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